The Stem Cell Unit primarily covers the generation of patient-specific iPSCs and CRISPR/Cas9-based genome editing of iPSCs. In the last years, we sucessfully completed nearly 200 reprogramming and more than 100 CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing projects.

Cell Model Catalogue

The Stem Cell Unit regularly updates its range of services, adapting to its users’ needs. The services of our laboratory can be employed by research groups of the medical faculty, as well as by academic and non-academic cooperation partners of the science center Göttingen and beyond. Services are provided for a contribution to expenses and according to the conditions outlined in our terms of use. We gladly consult with you to share our expertise and submit an offer based on our current charges.

The offer of the Stem Cell Unit currently comprises the following services:

    • Generation, cultivation, characterization, genome editing and differentiation of patient-specific iPS cells Read more
    • Responsibility and coordination of the biobank for patient-specific iPS cell lines and iPS derivatives Read more
    • Consultation, provision of infrastructure, devices and protocols, support in the planning of projects, the design of experiments and the learning of the required range of methods as well as support in the application for grants and ethical evaluations Read more

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