Service offer

The Stem Cell Unit offers comprehensive support in the context of the generation, cultivation, characterisation, genome editing and differentiation of patient-specific iPS cells. This includes the planning and execution of projects as well as the primary evaluation and is subject to the conditions specified in our terms of use. Detailed service options and respective charges can be found in our catalogue of services and can be discussed upon request. We recommend to make contact at an early stage for a better co-ordination of the planning of experiments and the preparation of samples as well as to ensure the prompt processing of requests.

The laboratory service of the Stem Cell Unit comprises the following:

    • Establishing of patient-specific primary cell cultures from skin biopsies or blood samples
    • Reprogramming of patient-specific fibroblasts or mononucleated blood cells into iPS cells including the generation, expansion, quality control and cryo-preservation of patient-specific iPS cell lines (non-integrating method, feeder- and serum-free culture conditions)
    • Basic characterisation of the established iPS cell lines including the analysis of pluripotency and differentiation potential
    • Advanced characterisation of the established iPS cell lines in collaboration (e.g. teratoma formation assay, karyotyping, HLA-typing, -omics technologies)
    • Genome editing of iPS cell lines according to latest technologies (CRISPR/Cas9)
    • Generation of functional cardiomyocytes from pluripotent stem cells by directed in vitro differentiation